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May 1st, 2023

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You probably want a gentle route to stable, healthy emotions without frustration or tears of self-doubt. 

Years ago, at 18, I experienced a huge family crisis. While my peers were enjoying the freedom of their teens, my dad was imprisoned for committing a white-collar crime. When they woke up to enjoy life, I struggled to get out of bed. When everyone felt fearless, I was helpless and depressed.

At that point, my emotions were too much for me to handle. Without the tools to manage them, I blamed myself for feeling at all. And I carried them around like burdens I longed to be rid of. 

While medication was no doubt a saving grace, I longed for MORE.

MORE truth.
MORE healing.
MORE lightening the load of my unresolved past.

Hey, I’m Holly!

I created this 30-day challenge because if you’re anything like I was then you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions …and hating yourself for it. 

….until a $380 self-actualization weekend workshop turned everything 180°.

That’s when I uncovered my signature approach for feeling better that set my life in a new direction, and helped me accept my emotions while loving myself in the process.

I began devouring books and courses about emotions, discovering the bliss of allowing myself to fully experience all my feelings. 

A fire was ignited inside of me to show as many people as I can how to adore who you are by embracing how you feel. In 2019, I opened the doors to my digital Emotional Health Shop and became a certified Emotional Health Coach and Mentor.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of clients level up their emotional health with my methods for managing how you feel.

The results have been amazing. Hundreds of 5-star reviews from people just like you who are working to navigate the wild world of emotions.

I cordially invite you to join me and our beautiful community of thousands on my 30 Day Love Your Emotions Challenge where I’ll share my approach to loving yourself by unlocking the wisdom of your emotions.


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What You’ll Discover During the Challenge

How to Love Yourself By Loving Your Emotions

DAY #1

  • Why you feel bad for feeling bad
  • Why rejecting your emotions isn’t the answer
  • Red-flag thoughts that keep you emotionally stuck
  • How to manage upsetting thoughts

Unpacking Emotional Baggage

DAY #2

  • What an emotional backlog is
  • How to start addressing it
  • Signs you’ve got an emotional backlog
  • How to know when you’ve worked through it

Reconnecting to Your Emotional Power

DAY #3

  • The science behind emotions
  • Why your emotions are powerful
  • How you can use them to your benefit
  • 10 ways to harness your emotional power

Crushing Emotional Overwhelm

DAY #4

  • Why emotions can be overwhelming
  • Why some emotions don’t seem safe
  • How your past affects your current emotions
  • How to make your emotions quieter

Emotional Maintenance for Emotional Resilience

DAY #5

  • How to maintain healthy emotions
  • How to use Emotional Freedom Technique
  • How to do visualizations to process emotions
  • How to meditate for emotional release

What’s Included With the Challenge


More Surprises
During the Challenge

Five exciting days of LIVE training covering everything you need to start managing your emotions on a daily basis

Fun Q&A sessions each night with me, Holly, your Emotional Health Coach Mentor, to get all your questions answered

The official digital Love Your Emotions Challenge Workbook with quizzes, guided prompts, helpful charts and more

A kind, welcoming community of challenge friends in a private pop-up Facebook group for fun collaboration and support

The opportunity to win fun giveaways and prizes each evening straight from the digital Emotional Health Shop


You’ve got some questions?


That’s perfect, I LOVE questions! 😍

Is this therapy?

Is this therapy?

Nope! The training and materials you’ll receive are an amazing companion to therapy, but they aren’t meant to replace any work you’re doing with a medical professional. 

What if I can’t watch live?

What if I can’t watch live?

No problem! If you can’t watch the live stream, you’ll get a replay link sent straight to your inbox after each training. Only people signed up to the challenge will have access to the replays, so make sure you join!

When’s the latest I can sign up by?

When’s the latest I can sign up by?

You can sign up for the challenge up until the very last day, which is October 28th, 2022. After that, doors are closed.

How much work is involved?

How much work is involved?

You know what they say, you get out as much as you put in! This challenge is for YOU, and the results are something you can only create for yourself. You’ll get the maximum benefit by attending the daily trainings and the live Q&A's if you can. 

Challenge Starts
October 24th, 2022 at 7PM