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Why It's Hard to Grieve Toxic People Time to Feel 201

  Welcome to the second season of Time to Feel. In case you don’t know who I my name is Holly Soulié. I am an emotional health mentor and owner of the Emotional Health Shop on Etsy. So I want to say thank you all so much for your support with this podcast. I’ve gotten […]

Why It’s Hard to Grieve Toxic People

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When you let go of someone who was toxic, it can actually be pretty hard. But if someone was so bad for you, then WHY is it so difficult to let go? Here are 5 reasons why letting go of toxic people is hard.

5 Reasons Why Letting Go of Toxic People is Hard

Emotional Tools

As a recovering people pleaser, I’ve found it really hard to say no to people. But when I stop and reflect, it helps give me the confidence to do so. Here are 3 questions that make saying no easier.

3 Questions That Make Saying No Easier

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To begin, there are times that I seek other people’s validation over my own. And I’m not even aware I’m doing it! If you can relate, here are 50 signs your own validation isn’t enough for you.

50 Signs Your Own Validation Isn’t Enough


As someone who has felt responsible for other people’s emotions a lot, it can be hard to know when I’m even doing it! So, here are 3 signs youre taking on other peoples emotions.

3 Signs You’re Taking on Other People’s Emotions

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Hello! When I realized I was in a codependent relationship, I decided to learn how to become more independent. And it came with so many more up sides than I imagined. Here are the unexpected benefits of healing codependency.

The Unexpected Benefits of Healing Codependency

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Finding out you’re codependent can be a little shocking. I know it was for me. But once I knew, I could start taking steps to overcome it. Here’s my story of how I healed my codependency.

How I Healed My Codependency

But it hasn't always been this way! For years, I ran as far as I could from my feelings. I was so disconnected from myself that I didn't know who I was and felt completely lost. My life was far from how I longed for it to be.

Until the day I discovered how gooood it feels to let your emotions flow. After taking a self-awareness course, I experienced the pure joy of allowing myself to actually feel. All the anger, the sadness, the frustration...

Ever since then I'm on a mission to teach women to embrace the power of their emotions.

I believe emotions are the inner GPS. Following their signals takes you on the journey to discover who you actually are!

Hey, I'm Holly. 

And at this point, there’s no turning back.

You’ve found your itinerary to embracing your emotions,

one that hugs, heals, and hits different.

And at this point, there’s no turning back.

You’ve found your itinerary to embracing your emotions,

one that hugs, heals, and hits different.